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Hospitality Trends for 2020

Hospitality Trends for 2020

This year I´ve made my research and find out that there are a variety of Hospitality Trends for 2020. I wrote this article according to the information I have found regarding Hospitality Trends for 2020. Surely there are lots of more information regarding this matter but I resumed it all in words:

All is about 1) Personal local experience, where the guest wants to enjoy the authentic way of life and local experiences. In fact almost most of the income travelers prefer to spend their money on activities than in a nicer hotel Room. This is the reason why hotels might provide local products and services.

Also one of the new trends is 2) Personalization: where guests want to be treated as individuals rather than just as another anonymous customer.
One of the most common reasons of travelers nowadays is to 3) travel for business and leisure, which is called “Bleisure”. Is increasingly popular to combine business travel with leisure activities, especially among the millennial generation.
Apart from this, it seems that internet is the most important or the most required service, so this new trend where all is about 4) internet, Robots, Artificial Intelligence and Smart hotels where all the services are automatically solved by an intelligent card, or in an app in which the guest can ask or comment or complain whatever and the hotel can solve it before the guest checks out. Also you can check in express, or the guest can control the heating or air conditioning from their cellphone, or to turn on the TV or lights by a command speaker. Or also to avoid long lasting waiting times to respond guest requests, so with artificially intelligence you can respond to questions automatically. So with this you can generate speed and accuracy improvements in your service.

Another fashionable trend is the 5) social media. There are more and more hotels that started to use social sites to continue publishing their services and content, and also to get to customers as has increased social media users.
There are more guests that wants eco-friendly hotels, as they are concerned with environmental issues, so that is why 6) sustainability is one of the most important hospitality Trends. Such as vegetarian or vegan options in restaurants, or smart light bulbs or air conditioning to save energy, or also use sustainable materials for bed sheets or towels.
The last and the most seeked by hoteliers and hotel Directors and Managers is to 7) focus on driving direct bookings. This issue is the fact that concerns every hotel, and the channel which every hotel should give a great importance. Is in fact one of the main action which the hotels should invest more money, time and effort so they can build their own portfolio and data base to create loyalty programs and incentive the guest to book directly with the hotel. This channel is the best way to improve your Revenue and your ARD, because you don´t pay any commission, also drives your ADR up and you can offer better service and options to your loyal guests, which creates happy customers.

I share the the sources (links) with you where I have based my article.

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